There are only certain things about you that customers care about. (And those are really important)

The Customer Doesn’t Care That Much About You – Except When They Do. (And then it’s really important)

Some thoughts and questions about using Social Media to market to your customers’ deeper desires. (Est. Reading Time – 6 mins)

By Joseph Shields

There’s this common term in sales called WIIFM and it stands for ‘What’s In It For Me?’.  Essentially, it’s saying that, in your customer’s mind they are thinking ‘What do I get out of this because I don’t care that much what you get out of it.’  And right there is a major thing to keep in consideration anytime you’re involved in a process of talking to a customer or potential customer. 

Generally speaking, the only thing they want to hear about it what benefit they are going to receive.  But, but, BUT!. . . This isn’t the same as saying customers don’t want to know about YOU and YOUR COMPANY.  They totally do, as it pertains having a greater experience from your product or service than the black and white benefits.

“Generally speaking, the only thing they want to hear about it what benefit they are going to receive.  But, but, BUT!. . . This isn’t the same as saying customers don’t want to know about YOU and YOUR COMPANY.  “

The thing is that people want to feel like they are part of something.  Maybe that’s a movement or a culture or a fashion trend – doesn’t matter.  They are looking for more from a car than a smooth ride and more from a jacket than keeping warm.  They want a car that has all the features and utility they need but they also may be buying into many different social or cultural biases.  Like what??? Well, how about Jeep owners who see driving a Jeep as being part of a niche subculture (“Only in a Jeep!”) or Harley Davidson owners who are “Harley Guys” and “Harley Gals”?  Or how about, “I only buy American Made vehicles”?  Are what about the status symbol of owning a BMW or a Benz?

And all of that is probably obvious to most of us.  When we make purchases or use services, we are usually thinking beyond just the immediate, practical need being satisfied.  We’re thinking about how we’ll be seen by others and a whole host of different considerations – even if we try to convince ourselves that we’re not.  So then the big question:

ARE WE USING SOCIAL MEDIA AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING to help satisfy our customers’ greater needs?

If you are a local retailer for instance, are you using your social media presence to show how involved you are in the community and how your unique inventory can’t be found at Walmart or Target or Best Buy? Those would be examples on playing into the sub-cultures of ‘Shop Local’ and ‘Niche Markets.’

This is one of those infinite subjects that we could go on and on about for awhile but, for now, try asking yourself these questions to get some initial insights about what your customers want from you and how you can improve your Social Media Marketing and Management to satisfy them:

1) Who is my target customer? Who are the people that buy 80% of my products or services and what are the commonalities that group them together?

2) Does my current Social Media Marketing presence align with the deeper social desires of my target customer? 

3) What are 3 action items I could take on within the next 5 days to align my Social Media Marketing more closely with the deeper social and cultural desires of my target audience?


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